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What’s with Wheat?

I have just finished looking at this free screening of this video. It helped me to really understand the reasons why I feel so good when I am not eating wheat. Please take a look. THIS DOCUMENTARY INVESTIGATES What has … Continue reading

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Fat and Cholesterol

We have had a number of discussions with friends about the amount of fat we eat and it’s potential effect on our cholesterol levels. This is an interesting question and as usual cannot be answered with a blanket statement that … Continue reading

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Culture Corner: Pickling Adventures- Cucumbers

This morning at the farmers markets mum and I each got a free bag of cucumbers. I had already bought some so thus presenteth the perfect opportunity to experiment with pickling. This is something I have been wanting to try … Continue reading

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Six Sensational Grain and Guilt Free Snacks I love to eat.

  Apple slices with homemade almond cashew butter Apple Slices with Home-made Almond/Cashew Butter & Coconut. This is almost a daily go to snack for me. I    nut butters * and I have only just recently began to make my own. I think … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with probiotics?

As you may have guessed by now our household eating philosophy is natural wholefoods. As much as possible I cook from single ingredients. I have been fermenting a variety of foods to feed our gut microbiome for  quite some time now. These … Continue reading

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Out of Eden Living : Putting all the pieces together.

As a school librarian I am never really sure what my day will hold. This week we took delivery of hundreds of Lego pieces. It was our job to sort these pieces into sets that make sense for our users. This … Continue reading

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