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These links are for products that I use regularly with my own family and can’t live without, they help us to live as if we were still in Eden . They are products that I trust are highly nutritious (if food) sustainably sourced and toxic chemical free.It takes the stress out of getting things wrong.I hope you love these companies as much as I do.

Changing Habits

Changing Habits
Kultured Wellness

Culture Starters for Fermenting
Kultured Wellness
Twenty8 Essential Oils and Skincare

Enjo Chemical Free Fibre Cleaners
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Changing Habits started with the publication of Changing Habits Changing Lives by Cyndi O’Meara – 1998.  Since 1980 Cyndi has been studying and researching nutrition, diet and health issues.  She has also spent much of her time speaking both nationally and internationally, her book is translated into several languages and many of her products can be found in 37 countries around the world.
Since 2010 Cyndi and her husband Howard have expanded Changing Habits to not only be an information company including, books, audios, videos, e-books, programs, protocols, reports, newsletters, clubs and social media but also ethical, nutritious foods.  Howard and Cyndi saw that there was a need to not only provide information but to also make the food Cyndi talks about more readily available to everyone.  The company has grown exponentially and now provides not only food but also food supplements based on the philosophy of Cyndi’s first book Changing Habits Changing Lives. Changing Habits is passionately committed to improving the lives of men, women and children by providing our respected customers with high quality, ethical foods. Our goal is to improve the lives of generations and make a significant and lasting impact in the health industry.
Changing Habits will not bring out a food unless it has been thoroughly researched. Both Howard and Cyndi go to the country of origin, see where the food is grown and packaged before it becomes part of the Changing Habits food line.  Cyndi has many foods in the pipeline and every year new foods are introduced to the line. Cyndi and Howard will only introduce new foods that they themselves will use in their every day lives.
We Believe
… that every human being has the right to be healthy. We provide people with logical, reliable and ethical information and tools that are not constrained by society, falsehoods or damaging technology.
We believe in the power of you! You can achieve incredible results

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Our cultures:
  • Have an extremely high potency CFU count
  • Are suitable for those on GAPS, Body Ecology, gluten free, casein free, and soy free diets
  • Can be very beneficial for people who are sensitive to traditional fermented foods and who suffer from conditions such as histamine intolerance, SIBO, high inflammation, autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, Autism, ADHD, PDD-NOS and PANDAS.
  • Are D-Lactate free to benefit people with issues such as MTHFR, and liver and detox problems.
  • Contain high numbers of Bifidobacterium, which are important for leaky gut, immune regulation and digesting plant matter
  • Can assist in rebuilding after antibiotic use and diarrhoea, combatting candida and crowding out viruses, weight management and obesity, and regulating histamine and inflammation.
  • Are fantastic for allergies, eczema and psoriasis, establishing the gut wall and protecting against leaky gut.
This potent formula contains:
  • Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Lactobacillus gasseri
  • Lactobacillus planetarium
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Bifidobacterium infantis
  • Lactobacillus salivarius
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Bifidobacterium longum
  • Bifidobacterium lactis


    Twenty8 is a 100% natural range, free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. Carefully developed to support your physical and emotional needs, an important aspect of aging well. Working on a cellular and psychological level as well as synergistically with nature, Twenty8 is a truly wholistic aromatherapy based range to help slow the aging process and rejuvenate the cells offering a unique and natural approach to health and beauty.

    Catering for both men and women, Twenty8 makes a commitment to offer the highest quality products using therapeutic-grade, botanical ingredients which penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin to deliver exceptional results. We eliminate ALL harmful, toxic and questionable ingredients commonly used in 80% of the skincare industry today, and are committed to ongoing education of what really is natural skincare and understanding the power of nature when it comes to anti-aging and optimum health.

    By combining renowned powerful and restorative ingredients from nature, with simple, quick and effective rituals, Twenty8 offers a beauty and well-being range like no other. These products which combine advanced aromatherapy techniques are designed to create awareness within that links you back to nature and its healing rhythms, ultimately connecting you with your true self and igniting that inner spark, that inner glow.

    The most important step is the commitment you make to you for your own health and well-being. It takes 28 days to form a new positive habit. It also takes 28 days for new skin cells to reach the surface of your skin. We know 28 works with the cycles and rhythms of nature such as the moon, tides and a woman’s cycle. We encourage you to take on the Twenty8 Day Rejuvenation Challenge and see the power of nature at work!

    Twenty8 will awaken your skin, your senses and your soul…


    From the co-author of the best selling book ‘Like Chocolate For Women’ comes the ultimate tools for self-care.

    Twenty8 Aromatherapy is a range of pure, high grade, therapeutic essential oils sourced from the most committed and environmentally aware farmers around the world. With a beautiful selection of single oils and a unique range of exquisite synergy blends (which are carefully blended to support all of your emotional and physical needs) Twenty8 makes aromatherapy in your every day life easy.

    Kim Morrison founder of Twenty8 lives and breathes an aromatic lifestyle – she inspires others to join her and embrace the benefits of these amazing precious oils.

    Aromatherapy is a versatile, quick and very effective therapy that anyone can use in their daily life. Within 4 seconds of inhaling an aroma the body responds via the brain and central nervous system by releasing certain chemicals and endorphins. So whether it is calming you need when stressed, or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, some emotional support at that time of the month, a bit of romantic support or an immune boost when feeling run down, the Twenty8 range of Aromatherapy Oils and Synergy blends are easy, fast and highly effective.

    Given the fact that stress and anxiety are the two major reasons people are lead to seeing their doctor, it’s far better to invest in a way that is preventative and healing, rather than pay for illness later.

    ”Just knowing how to lift your mood in an instant, how to feel refreshed, calm and energised when you are running on empty, and how to look and feel fabulous naturally is truly a lifelong gift that will provide a wealthy health legacy for you and your family”. Rachael Bermingham. 

    We know people are busy, and we know it can be challenging at times to find a little time to nurture and care for yourself. So we have made it easy. We have created the tools you need with the Twenty8 Aromatherapy range. If you follow the principles in Like Chocolate For Women and combine them with these powerful oils and blends, you have a formula that can literally change your life!

    The Twenty8 Aromatherapy range brings the healing benefits of nature to you. When you combine human’s love of aromas and the therapeutic qualities of these plants, you have a dynamic therapy that can work on many levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually.

    Aromatherapy is by no means a new therapy, it has been documented and revered for thousands of years. The essential oils we have selected, singularly have been expertly blended into powerful 10ml synergy blends which are perfect self-care tools for your Daily Body Boost, in a vaporiser, bath, footbath, spritzer or on a tissue for instant effect. Check out the best selling reference ‘Like Chocolate For Women’ for more information on what is aromatherapy, how it works and where you can use it effectively in every area of your life.

    At Twenty8 we truly believe self-care is not selfish – it’s essential.

    How ENJO Products Work

    ENJO cleaning cloths and gloves lead the way in eco cleaning products by harnessing the combined natural cleaning power of ENJO Fibre technology and water.
    Dynamic eco friendly cleaning technology
    Manufactured using a blend of polyester, for maximum absorbency, and polyamide, for unmatched durability, a single ENJO fibre is 100 times finer than a human hair. Each of these ultra-fine strands are engineered to form a unique wedge shape with multiple cleaning surfaces that lift, trap and hold dust, dirt, bacteria, grease and grime. The particles are only released from the fibre when ENJO cleaning cloths and gloves are washed.
    Cleaning cloths engineered for every cleaning job
    Testing different combinations of weights and weaves, ENJO has designed and mixed fibres to outperform traditional cleaning products on a variety of surfaces, from windows and high-gloss tiles to fabrics and wooden floors.
    Made in Austria
    Our textiles are produced exclusively in Austria. Experienced staff, the finest raw materials and modern machinery are the foundation of our innovative and award winning products. Every product is checked for quality control by hand, ensuring the highest quality products for you, our customer.