Out of Eden Living

12494925_10207907332057262_3351469266460887674_nWouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived in Eden. Perfect health, abundant seasonal food, no conflict, harmony and love all around as well as a living relationship with the creator God. Sigh!

Yes our earth is less than perfect and it seems to be getting worse- not better.There is disharmony all around, our food sources are contaminated with chemicals and so highly processed that they hardly contain any nutrition. We have so many gadgets that people no longer move and health care is at crisis point.

My family and I are working on living chemical free with wholefoods that are minimally 1935397_10207907332217266_8763575071522934913_nprocessed and sourced sustainably. We aim to get as much nutrition as possible from our food to allow our bodies to function as God created them – self healing with amazing systems all working together. Some call this Vitalism.

We are an experiment. Constantly changing and adjusting as we research new ideas and find things that work for us. We welcome you along for the ride and hope that the information here will help you to live as if in Eden too.