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My Konmari adventures begin…..

All year, much longer than that if I am honest. I have been weighed down with the clutter and junk in my house. I am a bit of a hoarder and love to keep things just ‘in case’. I was … Continue reading

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An individual’s genetic make-up and its effects on the likelihood of obesity.

Why is it that some people eat anything they like and never put on weight and yet others restrict their calories exercise regularly and yet still remain overweight? The answer could be in their genes. Current research has found that … Continue reading

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Try something new… The first 6 months of 2016

This year I have endeavoured to stretch myself and try new things to increase my brain plasticity, encourage new relationships and hopefully live a longer and more fruitful life. My goal is to try at least one new thing each … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Changes to assist with raising HLD levels naturally

You may have heard that we need to be raising our HDL Cholesterol for better health. As drug therapies have not proven that effective in raising HLD (Mahdy, 2012), people need to look towards dietary and lifestyle adjustments to assist … Continue reading

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What’s with Wheat?

I have just finished looking at this free screening of this video. It helped me to really understand the reasons why I feel so good when I am not eating wheat. Please take a look. THIS DOCUMENTARY INVESTIGATES What has … Continue reading

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A weekend in Batam: Living on the edge!

The people and islands of Indonesia exemplify the saying ‘living on the edge’. The Riau Malay people were traditionally fishermen who needed to be living close to their food source.It was only  35 years ago that Batam consisted of jungle, mainly uninhabited with … Continue reading

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A Weekend  in Batam – Bikes and Boats and a Bridge

Getting around Batam, like many Asian cities I have visited is an adventure. Road rules are more of a suggestion and red traffic lights only mean stop if you feel like it. Lanes are flexible with cars and trucks travelling … Continue reading

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