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Chelation Preparation for Amalgam Removal

My hubby’s story…. We are 1/2 way through the 2 week preparation for the beginning of the removal of my hubby’s silver amalgams. About 20 years ago hubby was diagnosed with neutropenia (low white blood cells). At the time he … Continue reading

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Get more vegies into your week….easily.

All of the healthy diets have one thing in common- get more vegies into your body. This may sound hard to you , but I am here to tell you it is not. Each week after buying my delicious seasonal … Continue reading

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Exercise is not just about looking good

We all love to look good, don’t get me wrong….I want to look good, it’s just that this is no longer my main goal for exercising. Last year hubby and I went to the Thrive Conference in Manly, Sydney. There … Continue reading

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I love riding my e-bike.

Today marks a milestone of 3000 km since I got my new Kalkoff e-bike last July. To realise the significance of this event you need to know that I have been a non-bike rider for 50 years of my life! Living … Continue reading

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Anticancer : a new way of life – Book Review

As our family has had some incidence of cancer among it’s members I am always on the lookout for diet and lifestyle ways of protecting my immediate family. This book Anticancer: a new way of life  by Dr Servan-Schreiber has … Continue reading

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Fat and Cholesterol

We have had a number of discussions with friends about the amount of fat we eat and it’s potential effect on our cholesterol levels. This is an interesting question and as usual cannot be answered with a blanket statement that … Continue reading

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