Culture Corner: Pickling Adventures- Cucumbers

This morning at the farmers markets mum and I each got a free bag of cucumbers. I had already bought some so thus presenteth the perfect opportunity to experiment with pickling.

This is something I have been wanting to try since I bought myself a new DK book Fermenting Food Step by Step a couple of weeks ago. Click to buy from Book Depository.


It was really easy and in about 15 mins preparation with items readily available in your kitchen, we had 3 bottles of cucumber pickles ready to ferment! This is a bacterial ferment that takes about 5-7 days to create traditional classic cucumber pickles. Who knew it was so easy?

Pickled Cucumbers

You will need:

large sterilized jars (I reuse old 900ml coconut oil jars)

20 peppercorns

4 cloves garlic

4 tsp salt (I use Changing Habits because Himalayan sea salt is high in minerals and trace elements and with the addition of dulse brings a much needed boost to the levels of iodine needed in our everyday diets).

2 bay leaves picked from a friend’s backyard tree (Thanks Dave)

water (mine is reverse osmosis system with a remineraliser)

How to:

Sterilise your jars in hot water. Allow to cool and dry.

To the bottom of the jar add peppercorns, and bay leaves.

Slice cucumbers into long strips to fit your bottles.

Put cucumber strips in – we found that laying the jar on the side was good for this.

Sprinkle with salt.

Top up with water to cover the cucumbers.

Put the lid on and store at room temperature for about a week before transfering to the fridge.

They should keep for about 3 months.

We can’t wait to taste these little bottles of goodness.

Why are they good for you?

As pickling ferments vegetables, in this case using a salt brine, healthy bacteria is formed which eat some of the natural sugars as well as helping to break down the sometimes difficult to digest cellulose in foods.Mum cannot eat cucumbers but is fine with pickles. This means that this is another source of healthy probiotics and antioxidants that you can serve on your plate.

Additionally, recently a Japanese study showed that the probiotics in a Japanese pickles have been shown to fight spleen cancer in mice. this promising study will probably lead to human studies to prove the same. So I am going to get some of this into me……why wait?



Fermenting Foods Step-by-Step By Adam Elabd

Are Pickles Good for You? Healthline







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