The Rice Hut Opens – Yeah!

I have been waiting for these girls to open their new Vietnamese cafe in Kenmore, Brisbane. Every week I visit them at the Farmer’s Markets at the Powerhouse, New Farm and their food never disappoints!

My favourite foods for Saturdays at the markets are Vietnamese Chicken Salad – which can be made gluten free for Summer and Pho for Winter. Then I have a standing order for 2 chicken rice paper rolls for hubby and myself for lunch. Both of the sauces they provide are divine and we are always sorry when we finish them.

Today is opening day and hubby and I made sure we were there. The menu is fantastic with quite a few options for us GF people.


As you would expect with Vietnamese cooking ingredients are fresh on the day and prepared to order. We opted for a Belly Slaw (to share) and couldn’t go past a Shredded Chicken Salad to go with it (we really can’t resist this!). They were as usual, sensitive to our dietary needs and checked to see how we went with chillies! Yes we are whiteys!?!

Who could not love these two infectiously friendly ladies. I hope they have wonderful success with this venture as I am planning to get some late week dinners (takeaway) for hubby to bring home after work on occasion.


About Sue

I have a few passions in life, all are creative. I love creating memories with my beautiful hubby, Ric, and my georgous now adult children. I have wonderful friends who push me to try new things and try to create a new and improved version of myself. I love to create food, skincare and all things in my household from scratch. This is in an attempt to live in our less that perfect world as close to the way it might have been in Eden. Perfect relationship with God, wonderful produce, no sickness and abundant love. I believe that our body's are created to heal themselves. The body works as a whole with each system connected to and influenced by each other through wonderful mechanisms (some yet unrealised by science). This body is also connected to and affected by the world we live in. This is in essence Vitalism. In the last 5 years I have been getting closer to living a basic chemical free, seasonal, nutritious life, surrounding myself with inspirational people who share my passions and vision. Recently I have become a Changing Habits Health Mentor. If you are struggling with your health and you need someone alongside you to share the journey feel free to contact me at We can discuss ways of helping your body to heal itself through getting back to basics in diet, household environment, and decluttering the non essentials out of your life. I look forward to new challenges and new adventures. I also hope to pick up some new friends along the way.
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