Out of Eden Living : Putting all the pieces together.

As a school librarian I am never really sure what my day will hold. This week we took delivery of hundreds of Lego pieces. It was our job to sort these pieces into sets that make sense for our users.

IMG_2688This reminded me of the journey I have been on for the past 5 years. I finally feel like I am sorting out the pieces in my body and getting ready to build something wonderful. Some of my pieces are coming together to make me Eden-whole.

My journey started when I decided that I wanted to create food that had the most nutrition possible. It meant often making things from scratch. I began to research foods that were until then unknown to me. Things like kalequinoa, buckwheat, and other superfoods. Armed with my enabler my Thermomix, I was able to start grinding all sorts of yummy things creating, sorbets from fresh fruit, pesto and dips galore and making my own ice cream and yoghurt.

I soon started to realise that package foods have an awful lot of numbers and chemical compounds added to them. I refined my goals to include foods that had ingredients that my grandmother would have understood. This was the beginning of our chemical free lifestyle.

A daily deal coupon took mum and myself to a fermenting workshop which opened a whole world of kombucha, Sauerkraut, kefir, miso, sourdough bread and cheesemaking. I have not fully explored all of these things as yet but have given kefir and kombucha a fair workout. I love the idea of a sparkling ginger kombucha drink or sundried tomato keffir cheese giving me probiotic goodness. ( I have just reread those last few paragraphs  LOL, no wonder my husband thinks I am now speaking a language other than English!)

Alongside these experimentations I started to look at the chemicals we used in our home. The cleaners, skin care, and anything else in our home environment. I realised that we are living in a very toxic world and decided to clean this up too! I started by looking into a few brands that I thought were safe. some have been good but many still use synthetic versions if what should be natural products. I am using the safest products available to me until I learn to create my own.

Some of the changes we have made:

IMG_2689A bag of soap nuts waiting for a load of washing.

Washing– we tried soap nuts. These are actual nuts from a tree that when immersed in hot water the inside coating melts and washes our clothes. After doing this for a few months I realised that our whites were not as fresh as I like and as my husband wears business shirts, I needed more oomp in the whites loads. However for darks and reds they are perfect! As they are not a bleach they do not strip any colour from the clothes. You just pop them in a bag and into the wash They can be used up to 5 washes. For the whites I am still using a Neways product until I work out something else. Any suggestions?

A spoonful of this and we are smell free all day.

IMG_2690Skincare– We no longer use store bought deodorant. We have a small bottle of Aluminium free Bi Carb Soda with some arrowroot and a few drops of essential oil. After a shower we use a teaspoon to sprinkle some onto the palm of our hand, drip some water until the mixture becomes like a slurry (not paste) then rub both hands together, and apply to armpits. Voila done! It has been wonderful. No more stains on my husbands shirts and we are fresh and smell free all day. For moisturiser and night cleanser I use Jojoba. I do a body boost after my shower with a few drops of jojoba and an essential oil. I have found no need for any other creams or lotions since stating this. Sometimes I just like to use products that I know are safe and natural. My favourite companies are Twenty 8 Essentials from the Like Chocolate for Women I love their essential oils, and the skincare range is divine to use.

These are expensive but you know you are getting top quality. For budget easier products visit  Corinne’s Handmade Naturals in Brisbane (now online) has lovely skin care cleansers and all the ingredients and bottles I need to create my own concoctions. (BTW Coconut oils features in a lot of my home-made products).  Natural Wonders based in Darwin use wonderful Australian natives in their products. I love their natural Mozie repellent, skin care, cold-sore drops and oils. I am still working on what to use for hair and teeth. In the meantime I use Neways (though they contain those pesky numbers and unknown compounds) as I consider them the safest alternative.

This is really all you need for a weekly clean.


Household Cleaning

Is there anything that vinegar and Bi Carb Soda wont do? I don’t think so. Add for mould and pest control – Oil of Cloves and perhaps some other essential oils for variety.




For quick cleaning as well as personal care I love Enjo products. At the moment you can save up to 28% on their skincare packs. Nothing but water and microfibre! These are also easy to use for all household members to clean with – if you get my drift!

My library office….sorting the Lego

As you can see we are on quite a journey! The Lego pieces of our life is all nearly sorted and we are beginning to create a whole new toxic free lifestyle.

Gradually making sense of the pieces of life in the way God created us to be.

By having my old amalgam fillings removed safely I will reduce the daily mercury toxins I have in my body and I seriously look at all new products we introduce into our home. We want to buy a new bed…..hasn’t happened yet, but that is a whole other story.


About Sue

I have a few passions in life, all are creative. I love creating memories with my beautiful hubby, Ric, and my georgous now adult children. I have wonderful friends who push me to try new things and try to create a new and improved version of myself. I love to create food, skincare and all things in my household from scratch. This is in an attempt to live in our less that perfect world as close to the way it might have been in Eden. Perfect relationship with God, wonderful produce, no sickness and abundant love. I believe that our body's are created to heal themselves. The body works as a whole with each system connected to and influenced by each other through wonderful mechanisms (some yet unrealised by science). This body is also connected to and affected by the world we live in. This is in essence Vitalism. In the last 5 years I have been getting closer to living a basic chemical free, seasonal, nutritious life, surrounding myself with inspirational people who share my passions and vision. Recently I have become a Changing Habits Health Mentor. If you are struggling with your health and you need someone alongside you to share the journey feel free to contact me at outofedenliving@gmail.com. We can discuss ways of helping your body to heal itself through getting back to basics in diet, household environment, and decluttering the non essentials out of your life. I look forward to new challenges and new adventures. I also hope to pick up some new friends along the way.
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