My body speaks and I finally learn to listen.

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Ahh I can feel it doing me good right down to my toes!

What a few weeks I have had! It has been (for my body) the perfect storm of stress events. I am one of those people who usually thrive in stressful situations and crash later but not this time. This time my body said enough and I am trying to slow down and listen.

After having my amalgams out (stress 1) I have had quite busy days at work (stress 2), attended the funeral of a dear friend (stress 3), waited as my dad had an operation (stress 4), not really had any down time at home (stress 4) managing to have commitments every night out (stress 6) and had my period (stress 7). My body reacted by manifesting a nasty rash (probably too many Mother’s Day dark choc goji berries and strawberries), a general feeling of I’m coming down with something coupled with a dull headache all week, lower back pain and pains down both legs, bowel motions all over the place and culminating with a head cold, cold sore and a boil on my bum!

Usually I would just push through all of this but this time I have decided to listen to my body’s cries of STOP! So I have decided to just relax this week end not really rushing about as I always do. I have been to the markets this morning, I want to feed my body fresh seasonal food but after that I had a mid morning nap.

When I awoke I pondered about the best way to detoxify and relax my body and decided that an aromatherapy magnesium filled bath would be just wonderful.


Here’s what I did….

Filled the bath with lovely hot water, added 2 cups of Epsom salts, 1 cup of Bi Carb soda, and a few drops of lavender (to relax me), eucalyptus (for my nose), and blue cypress (a wonderful Australian oil most from my favourite oil supplier Twenty8. I then had a shower to wash my hair and face before sinking into 30 mins of blissfully scented heavenly numbness.


The Epsom salts is really just magnesium and sulphate. “Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body including regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function and helping to prevent artery hardening. Sulphates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches.” (Saltworks Epsom Salts Uses and Benefits).

The Bi Carb soda aids with the detoxification process that my body is still involved in after removing amalgams. It also helps to clean the tub after the bath!

Lavender oil , besides smelling divine, it is the mother of the relaxation oils. Used to relieve anxiety and stress it can also assist relieve muscle aches and pains.

Blue Cypress Oil, a wonderful cobalt blue colour, has been used by indigenous Australians for therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to assist with treatment for cold sores and has anti bacterial properties. It can assist with calming and stabilizing moods.

Who remembers having a hanky pinned to the inside of your uniform with drops of eucalyptus oil dabbed on it for you to sniff away at all day?. I do- in fact I should get one of those right now!!!! Eucalyptus is synonymous with head cold treatment. But its benefits are greater than just that. Useful for treating headaches and muscle pains. Due to its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and it’s ability to reduce inflammation and the production of mucous this little oil is a winner in my bath.

Now if only I can rest for the remainder of the day………

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I have a few passions in life, all are creative. I love creating memories with my beautiful hubby, Ric, and my georgous now adult children. I have wonderful friends who push me to try new things and try to create a new and improved version of myself. I love to create food, skincare and all things in my household from scratch. This is in an attempt to live in our less that perfect world as close to the way it might have been in Eden. Perfect relationship with God, wonderful produce, no sickness and abundant love. I believe that our body's are created to heal themselves. The body works as a whole with each system connected to and influenced by each other through wonderful mechanisms (some yet unrealised by science). This body is also connected to and affected by the world we live in. This is in essence Vitalism. In the last 5 years I have been getting closer to living a basic chemical free, seasonal, nutritious life, surrounding myself with inspirational people who share my passions and vision. Recently I have become a Changing Habits Health Mentor. If you are struggling with your health and you need someone alongside you to share the journey feel free to contact me at We can discuss ways of helping your body to heal itself through getting back to basics in diet, household environment, and decluttering the non essentials out of your life. I look forward to new challenges and new adventures. I also hope to pick up some new friends along the way.
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