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Polyunsaturated fatty acids and dementia: Do you really want fries with that?

Sadly our family has first hand experience with dementia. This has led me to read widely and consider how we can manipulate our lifestyle to reduce the likelihood of dementia in our own lives. Our Western obsession with crispy food- … Continue reading

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My Mercury Amalgams removed… massage chair a bonus!

  Back in 2013 I spent the morning in a beautiful heated massage chair. Unfortunately this was not all for pleasure. That was the day all of my silver amalgams were removed. Read here why.My dentist Dr Tom Trevathon has a wonderful … Continue reading

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Mercury In My Mouth

I am reposting this from an old blog as we are about to experience this adventure all over again with my hubby. This was my experience – I know his will be a lot different. Mercury- closest planet to the … Continue reading

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Culture Corner: Pickling Adventures- Cucumbers

This morning at the farmers markets mum and I each got a free bag of cucumbers. I had already bought some so thus presenteth the perfect opportunity to experiment with pickling. This is something I have been wanting to try … Continue reading

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There is a lot of research out there that links longevity and satisfaction to trying new experiences. I try to find new things to do each year as the opportunity arises. This week I was able to try my hand … Continue reading

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To market, to market

I am becoming a bit Sheldon Cooperish (Big Bang Theory fans will know what I mean) about my food consumption and the way it has been grown and prepared. Eating seasonally freshly grown local fruit and veg is not as … Continue reading

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Brain Food for the Car

I spend a bit of time in the car each day (about an hour a day) and use that time to listen to various podcasts that I have downloaded each week. I am interested in staying healthy into old age and maximizing … Continue reading

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